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Effective Note-Taking

Effective Note Taking

The accurate taking of notes is crucial for all students to give them the best opportunity to pass tests and exams. Throughout the course students are shown the modified Cornell Note Taking Method which is a system which is used may students throughout the world. It gives the students a structured system to be able to take information given to them and put into a format that is easy to format and helps with the retention of information. The format involves the 5 R's in note taking -

* Record - Students learn to put the required information into a structured format.

* Reduce - This information is continually reduced to help stay in long term memory.

* Recite   - Strategies are shown to then put the information into their own words.

* Reflect  - This helps the students to draw out information for tests and exams.

* Review  -  This links the students to their study timetabling section of the course.

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