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Stress Management

Stress is a major issues in the 21st Century. Students are feeling a greater sense of having to achieve at school to become a successful person. Research has proven that if you are stressed it does affect your memory and learning. One of the key ways of dealing with stress is to understand when you are more likely to be stressed and then using strategies to help reduce the stress levels. Below are a list of the different stress signals that students need to look for.


• Anxiety • Irritability • Fear • Moodiness • Embarrassment


• Stuttering or other speech difficulties • Crying • Acting impulsively • Nervous laughter • Snapping at friends • Teeth grinding or jaw clenching • Increased smoking, alcohol or other drug use • Being prone to more accidents • Increase or decrease in appetite


• Self-criticism • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions • Forgetfulness or mental disorganization • Preoccupation with the future • Repetitive thoughts • Fear of failure


• Tight muscles • Cold or sweaty hands • Back or neck problems • Sleep disturbances • Stomach distress • More colds and infections • Fatigue • Rapid breathing or pounding heart • Trembling • Dry mouth


There are many strategies when dealing with stress. Below are some key ways of reducing stress if practiced regularly

Relaxation is key

Downtime is important: consider taking a walk, playing a video game, or taking a bath (remember to be realistic about how much time you can afford to spend on these activities)

Stay Physically Healthy

Good nutrition will improve your ability to deal with stress

Aerobic exercise reduces anxiety by 50%

Sleep is necessary for productivity: 8-9 hours is recommended, but a regular sleep schedule is necessary

Mental health

Identify your goals


Time management and scheduling will help you complete your tasks

Work at one task at a time

Do not ignore stress – deal with it!

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