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In Person Tutoring For Grade 1-12 Students in Kalgoorlie

Give your child the tools to succeed

What We Offer

A Free Assessment

For your Free Assessment of where your child is with English or Mathematics please call or send through a request from the link below to organise a suitable date and time.  We also offer the option for High School students to work directly from what they are doing in the classroom.

Individual Programs

Each student will have an individual program designed specifically for them to support improving each student on their educational pathway. All programs are in line with the WA Curriculum and where possible we work with schools on your child's program.

Fully Trained Tutors

Tutors in our tutoring business are dedicated professionals committed to empowering students, fostering confidence, and nurturing a love for learning. Their passion for education creates a positive and enriching environment, ensuring every student receives the support they need to excel.

How We Can Help:


Each student will have a tailored English program that addresses their learning styles and needs. Our tutors employ a mix of teaching methods, such as interactive discussions, practical exercises and personalised feedback on all parts of the students work. We use the latest educational tools and resources to adapt and enhance the learning experience, ensuring the students are enjoying the learning experience.


Each student has an individually tailored Mathematics program that identifies areas of need. Out mathematics tutors break down complex concepts into steps, fostering a deep understanding rather than mere memorization. Our tutors also encourage risk taking through problem solving to strengthen their conceptual understanding into practical application.


Study Skills

Our Study Skills Seminars revolve around imparting essential strategies that empower students to navigate the complexities of academic demands successfully. We focus on the latest research for each component of study including, Stress Management, Time Management, Effective Notetaking,  

About Us

With over 20+ years of experience and 5,000+ students who have benefited from our educational programs, we have the tools and resources to help children and teens succeed in English, Maths, and Study Skills. Our dedicated tutors are committed to guiding your child towards academic improvement and achieving their goals.

Our Happy Students

I was amazed and all ofthe strategies that were shown and how effective they will be for me. The course allows students to now study way more effectively and to cope with the pressures of school. Great course.

Rhys  - Churchlands Senior High School

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